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Baseball Injury Lawyers - Accident Compensation

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Our baseball injury lawyers offer expertise that is second to none in Canada. If one of our baseball injury lawyers represents you in your accident compensation claim you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with in an efficient, business like manner. If you would like to talk to a specialized lawyer about a baseball accident, just make contact and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury compensation claims will give you advice at no cost on your baseball injury with no further obligation.

Baseball in Canada

Although baseball was invented in the US, it has become Canada’s fourth favorite sport. There are some 400,000 youths registered in little leagues across the nation and 3 million who profess to play on a regular basis.

Even though there is no national baseball league in Canada presently, the Toronto Blue Jays play in the American League and there are many minor league teams, as well as high school and collegiate teams. Many Canadian youth know of and aspire to be like Joey Votto, who recently signed a 10 year, 225 million dollar deal with the Cincinnati Reds, one of the highest paid Canadians playing the sport. Other Canadians like Justin Morneau, Russell Martin, Brett Lawrie and many more have made their presence known in the sport.

Children start playing as young as five years of age and the most frequent injuries occur to those inexperienced players between the ages of five and fourteen. Nearly 35 percent of those injuries are facial and eye injuries that are the result of being hit by a pitch. But, pitchers aren’t safe either, as they suffer the most arm, elbow, and shoulder injuries. The majority of coaches and parents who monitor these youth are not aware of the precautions necessary to make the game safer for their children.

Most parents say, “Wow, my son’s only nine years old and he can already throw a curve ball.” Most don’t realize throwing a curve ball leads to the most injuries amongst pitchers younger than 13, actually in all age groups. But, the way the pitch is thrown leads to forearm and shoulder problems most often with preteen players, especially if not thrown correctly. Another solution to lessen pitcher injuries is limiting pitch counts. This has already been instituted in most organized levels; depending on their age pitchers are only allowed to throw a limited number of pitches, in both games and practice, as well as a total for the week; but what about in the back yard, or pick-up games at the park?

Whereas, the most catastrophic injuries happen during games, due mostly to the fact that players are more aggressive in actual games, the majority of injuries happen during practice, because more time is spent practising than actually playing the game.

Baseball is considered a non-contact sport; however, more than half of baseball’s injuries are directly attributed to player-to-player contact, either during base running or fielding. In fact, 86 percent of head and facial injuries happen during play in the field, rather than hitting. For players five to fourteen years of age, facial injuries make up 33 percent of all injuries, nearly half of those could be prevented by adding a face guard to the helmet.

Pre-season strength and conditioning exercises that increase flexibility and endurance can go a long way toward reducing in-season injuries, as well as adequate stretching prior to practice and games. Coaches and parents need to take a more active role in monitoring their pitchers’ mechanics and gradually increase the velocity and number of pitches thrown. Use of break-away bases, low impact balls, and an increased awareness of “Little League elbow,” are also ways to protect your youth from injuries.

However, inexperienced players are not the only players injured in the sport. Baseball accounts for one-third of all head injuries and deaths among high school and collegiate players.

Baseball Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered from a significant injury or death because of improper equipment, use of less than adequate safety equipment, wilful neglect or violation of safety procedures on the part of a coach or aggressive and improper play by another player, contact us to find out what legal steps are available to get compensation. If an injury or injuries results in death, hospitalization, or permanent paralysis, impairment, or disfigurement the costs can be more than the average parent can sustain. Our baseball injury lawyers can help you recover the costs of long-term care, improvements to your home to provide wheelchair access, lost income or worst-case, recovery of funeral expenses.

Today, more than 90 percent of personal injury compensation claims end with an out of court settlement. You will need to hire a legal team experienced in negotiating with insurance companies, as well as a team knowledgeable in courtroom procedures.

Contact our office to book an appointment with a baseball injury lawyer to discover what options are available to you. We will give you expert advice in respects to the thresholds assigned by law for pain and suffering compensation, loss of income entitlements, which are not subject to thresholds, as well as advice regarding the possibility of a successful claim.

In most cases, we will represent you for a percentage of the total compensation. That means there are no unexpected fees and you won’t have to pay anything upfront.

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