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Football Injury Lawyers - Accident Compensation Claims

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Our personal injury lawyers in Canada offer expertise that is second to none. If one of our Canadian football injury lawyers represents you in your personal injury compensation claim you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with in an efficient, business like manner. If you would like to talk to a Canadian football injury lawyer, just make contact and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury compensation claims will give you advice at no coston your personal injury with no further obligation.

Canadian Football

Football is a sport best known for its prominence in the United States, but early forms of the sport were played in Canada beginning in the 1860's. The popularity of the sport has grown significantly since the inaugural season of the Canadian Football League in 1958 and today, the Canadian Football League is the second-most popular professional sports league in Canada. At lower levels of the sport, thousands of participants play in junior and university leagues.

The allure of playing football in the Canadian Football League (CFL) or the National Football League (NFL) is very compelling for Canadian youth. This year a record four Canadian born players were drafted into the NFL. For players taken in the seventh round draw a minimum two million dollar contract, if they stay with the team. That’s quite a difference from the $50,000 minimum for the CFL.

Football is popular with fans due to the fast-moving, hard-hitting nature of the game. The sport draws some of the world's premier athletes who possess a combination of speed, quickness, strength, and agility. Over time, as training regimens and techniques have evolved, the game has only gotten faster. As a result, injuries caused during practices and games have increased. The following injuries are often sustained by football players:

Of the common injuries, concussion and other head injuries have drawn the most recent attention in both the United States and Canada. According to research conducted by St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto*, amongst 13,000 sports-related brain injuries in individuals between the ages of 5 and 19 observed during a 20 year period (1990-2009), 12.9% of the injuries were sustained while participating in football.

Despite recent innovation in protective gear, such as football helmets aimed at preventing concussions, many players suffer temporary or permanent injuries that may detrimentally impact their health and well-being, up to and including permanent brain injuries that have been linked to memory loss, dementia, and suicide.

Several notable NFL stars started their football career with the CFL; arguably the best is Cameron Wake, who now plays for the Miami Dolphins. He originally went undrafted by the NFL, took a job and two years later made the move north to the CFL. In his first year with the British Columbia Lions, he was the first CFL player to earn both the defensive player and rookie of the year awards in 2007. In 2008, he had 23 sacks and earned defensive player of the year again. In the 47 games he has started in the NFL, he has 43 sacks, for an astounding .915 sack per game percentage, surpassed by none.

Another is Warren Moon, also not drafted by the NFL, yet had more than 22,000 yards passing in the CFL, 144 touchdowns, and won five Grey Cups and two Grey Cup MVP awards. He had almost 50,000 yards passing combined in the CFL and NFL.

Before Joe Theismann played 12 seasons with Washington, he played three seasons with the Toronto

Whether it is the NFL or the CFL, for the money or for the glory, playing football professionally can be the answer to a lot of young people’s dreams. However, there are perils to playing football, as there are with any full-contact sports.    

Head Injuries normally have far-reaching effects that can last a lifetime. Many NFL and CFL players have suffered significant and repeated concussions. The NFL has a $765 million class-action lawsuit on the table, which a judge has refused to release due to the possibility of this not being enough to cover future injuries and damages. Many Canadians that played in the NFL may be eligible to join in the class-action.

Will there be an equivalent action in the CFL? No one is sure when, but it is very likely to happen given the repeated concussions suffered by its players and the amount of monetary damages. It would seem that some type of monetary compensation would be more necessary in Canada, given the disparity between salaries in CFL, compared to that of the NFL.

Canadian Football Injury lawyers

Are you suffering from the effects of repeated concussions? Have football injuries caused the diminished ability to live life to its fullest? Although no class-action has been initiated in the CFL, it would be advisable to get a Canadian football injury lawyers recommendation about possible legal challenges.

Contact our office today and set-up a free consultation pertaining to future class-actions and your possible participation, or a civil suit of your own. Our Canadian football injury lawyers can give you the facts regarding thresholds for pain and suffering allowed. The possibility of recovering lost income potential, which is not dependent on thresholds, and provide advice and guidance pertaining to your possible claim.

We can provide legal representation which is based on the agreed upon percentage of your claim’s total compensation. Not all fees are part of the percentage, but we will discuss each possibility with you prior to accepting your case.

Contact us today to set-up an appointment for a free consultation regarding your possible claim.

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