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Accident Compensation Lawyer - Injury Claims

LAWYER HELPLINE: 855 804 7125

There are specialist personal injury lawyers that deal exclusively with accident compensation claims. This is because the contested issues relating to negligence law arising out of accident compensation claims are best dealt with by an expert. Fortunately for the injured party, there is no charge for legal fees unless the claim is won and damages are awarded to the injured party. This type of no win no fee arrangement encourages the accident compensation lawyer to leave no stone unturned in the quest for justice and to do the best for the injured party. If the claim is lost there is no charge whatsoever. Only if the claim is won and the injured person receives a financial award is the lawyer entitled to charge for legal services. If you need advice from an accident compensation claim lawyer just call the helpline.

Accident Compensation Lawyer - Damages Awards

An accident compensation lawyer will divide damages awards into two main categories. The first is called special damages which is compensation that can be calculated accurately on a mathematical basis with no serious element of assessment. Special damages are proven by documenting evidence of loss of money. Receipts, invoices and quotations must be retained and documented and the judge will take a look at them to determine if they are related to the accident. The other main category of compensation is called general damages which cannot be determined mathematically and requires assessment by a judge (or agreement between the parties).

Reasonable Loss Claim

All reasonably incurred losses can be claimed provided that they are foreseeable and are not deemed to be unpredictable and remote. There are numerous areas of compensation including which is not an exhaustive list :-

Lump Sum or Periodical Payments

If there is a reasonable chance that you will come down with a serious illness in the future because of the accident, the accident compensation lawyer may split out the compensation award to a current claim and a future claim. A lump sum may be awarded or an order for periodic payments may more appropriate so that there is a continuous influx of money to help a disabled person live with their injury.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 855 804 7125