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Hunting Accident Lawyers - Injury Compensation

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Our personal injury lawyers offer expertise that is second to none in Canada. If a hunting accident lawyer that we employ represents you in your personal injury compensation claim you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with in an efficient, business like manner. If you would like to talk to a hunting accident lawyer, just make contact and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury compensation claims will give you free advice on your hunting injury with no further obligation.

Hunting Wild Animals in Canada

Although the wilderness is quickly disappearing in Canada, vast tracts of Canadian land are used for recreational hunting and it's a sport that transcends into the realms of politics, family bonding, and the gun culture at large. Many believe these wilderness tracts and the sport of hunting must be protected for future and present day sportsmen. There is perhaps no better place on earth for big game hunting such as, black bear, moose, and caribou than the Canadian wilderness and parts of Alaska. 

Due mainly to the invention of video games, a large percentage of North Americans, including Canadians have become sedentary and obese. Many medical officials recommend 5,000 to 10,000 paces per day, three to five times a week to maintain optimum health benefits. Hikes in the wilderness, for sport or just to unwind from the stress of an otherwise busy life could provide that much needed exercise.

Although hunting could be considered a popular pastime in Canada, that doesn't imply that it is an enjoyment that comes without risks.

Guns are the most common tool used to hunt, which vary in caliber and power, other weapons including bows and crossbows are used as well though less frequently. The use of a firearm significantly increases the hunter's ability to kill game but it increases the probability of injury and/or death as well.

According to the Canadian Firearms Act, “An individual is eligible to hold a licence only if the individual successfully completes the Canadian Firearms Safety Course,” there are other requirements, so be sure to read the Act thoroughly. To find a local safety course check here.

A previous study has shown that there were 25 catastrophic injuries with 15 fatalities over a four year period between 2008 and 2012. Given that the percentage of Canadian males (0.82%) and females (0.12%) that identify as recreational hunters combined is less than 1%, and the hunting season typically falls within the autumnal and winter months, when the Canadian weather starts to turn very cold, which indicates the small number of incidents. However, even one preventable fatality is one too many.

The overwhelming majority of all hunting related injuries and deaths come from firearms, yet there were also drowning related fatalities. In addition to the weapon related incidents, traversing the environment brings its own risks to every hunter. Getting lost, the effects of insect bites, terrain, predatory animals, and even weather can lead to hunting accidents.

For duck and other water fowl hunters, Duck Unlimited has a wealth of knowledge and advice about hunting, boating, and safety in general. One particular article that is relevant to this subject is, 10 Safety Tips for All Hunters. Tip number 8 is to me imperative when hunting: “Treat every gun as if it's loaded, even when you're sure it's not.”

If you’re not already a member, consider joining Ducks Unlimited (DU) now. DU gives more than 80 percent of membership fees to the conservation of wetlands.

Not all hunters are responsible or safe; if you endured a traumatic injury due to the negligence of an irresponsible hunter, you may be eligible to file claim for compensation. Even when the accident cannot be contributed to anyone’s fault, your insurance company may be liable to provide compensation.

Hunting Accident Lawyer

Personal injury laws can be complicated and pursuing the advice and guidance of a hunting accident lawyer may be required. Most personal injury cases are settled through negotiations between lawyers and insurance companies. In fact, the majority of insurance corporations will reach out to the victim almost immediately to make an offer of settlement.

In almost every case, the initial offer by the insurance company is barely enough to cover expenses, let alone the costs of required after care, which may include in-home care, the cost of renovating your home to accommodate a wheelchair, when required or lost income.

Give our hunting accident lawyers a call to get the facts regarding your possible claim, legal thresholds for pain and suffering, and what expenses might not be covered. The initial consultation is always free, with no further obligation.

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