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Lacrosse Injury Lawyers - Accident Compensation

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Our lacrosse injury lawyers offer expertise that is second to none in Canada . If one of our Lacrosse accident lawyers represents you in your personal injury compensation claim you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with in an efficient, business like manner. If you would like to talk to a lacrosse injury lawyer, just make contact and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury compensation claims will give you free advice on your Lacrosse injury with no further obligation.


Lacrosse is a team full-contact sport played by many people, ranging from high school age to full grown adults. Lacrosse gets its name from the long-handled stick used to play the sport. The stick is called a Crosse, and is used to catch, pass, and score with a small rubber ball. 

The lacrosse stick is woven with a loose mesh heading, designed for catching and holding the lacrosse ball. The offensive objective of the sport is to utilize this mesh woven stick to catch, cradle, and shoot the ball into the opposing team’s goal. For the defensive side, the goal is to use the crosse to check the ball, preventing the opposing team from scoring. 

There are four major types of Lacrosse: Men’s Field Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, Box Lacrosse, and Intercrosse; consisting of four separate positions: Midfield, Attack, Defense, and Goalie. There also a version played on horseback, called “Polocrosse.”

Lacrosse is an increasingly popular sport among high schools, Olympics, and recreational sports all over the world; however, the sport originated as early as 1100 AD, and was recorded in the seventeenth century Jesuit Missionary priests in Canada. Communities regarded the sport as a highly religious event. Frequently, games were played with more than 100 participants and lasted all day, especially among First Nation tribes, who called it "baggataway." Lacrosse was formally adopted as Canada’s national sport in the mid-1800s. However, in 1994 that was changed to "Canada's National Summer Sport," with hockey being its winter sport.


With the growing popularity of the sport, comes the rapid increase in Lacrosse related Injuries. Lacrosse is a very high contact, fast paced, exhilarating sport. According to a recent study looking at the NCAA records of men’s lacrosse injury, roughly 17 in every 1000 athletic exposures result in injury, this is a combination of both practice and game injuries.

More than half of all lacrosse injuries are localized to the lower extremities, roughly 26% of injuries were to the upper extremities, and 17% to the head or neck. Although head and neck injuries are the least common, they are the most devastating or destructive. Common injuries resulting from Lacrosse play are sprains and tendon tears, contusions, rib fractures, concussions, and hip or back strains.

The leading causes of Lacrosse related injuries are:

Did you or a family member suffer a serious personal injury, paralysis, or death? Was that injury so severe it caused you or a family member to be seen at an emergency department or hospital? If your answer was yes to either question, one of our personal injury attorneys can help you recover expenses and possibly additional compensation for pain and suffering, within legal thresholds. In addition to pain and suffering, the added expense of renovation to your home may be required for wheelchair admission, costs for in-home care, frequent medical visits or long-term care may be needed, loss of future income and other expenses.

Lacrosse Injury Lawyers

Not all claims lead to a court appearance, in fact; roughly nine in ten cases are settled during negotiations with the insurance company. Most insurance companies are aware of our tough negotiating skills and courtroom record. Our lacrosse injury lawyers deal mainly with personal injury and are knowledgeable and experienced with sports injuries.

Our lacrosse injury lawyers will represent you in negotiations with insurance companies and often accept your case on a contingency basis, you only pay if we win, and then our fee is a predisposed percentage of the compensation.

After sustaining a personal injury, most of our clients do not want the added inconvenience of handling all the paperwork or deal with courtroom appearances. Give us a call today to get information regarding the compensation you need and deserve without the additional inconvenience and financial hardship. Your initial consultation is always free, intimate, and without obligation.

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