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Limb Amputation Lawyers - Injury Compensation Claims

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A catastrophic injury lawyer is a specialist personal injury advocate with expertise in serious personal injury compensation claims including full or partial limb amputation. Our personal injury lawyers offer a wealth of experience relating to limb amputation compensation claims and give free advice with no further obligation on liability and the potential value of a catastrophic injury damages claim. Payment for services is based on a contingency fee basis which means that we only get paid when you get paid. If the case is lost there is nothing whatsoever to pay. There are time limits in all personal injury compensation claims and failure to take legal action within the limitation period can mean that the opportunity to claim compensation is lost forever. If you have suffered from a limb amputation or other catastrophic injury caused by a negligent third party you should contact a personal injury lawyer without delay.

Catastrophic Injury

An amputation, which when coupled with other serious injuries may be referred to as a catastrophic injury, refers to removal of either the entire limb or part of a limb. Amputations can occur following surgery as a result of illness or as an immediate and instantaneous result of an accident or surgical removal after an accident that causes irreparable physical damage especially a crush injury or an injury that imparts a jagged edge.

Straightforward Surgery

Amputations are technically not very difficult to carry out by a surgeon but must be done high enough on the limb so that the tissue which is damaged is discarded, leaving behind only healthy tissue which repairs itself. There are below the knee amputations, above the foot amputations, above the knee amputations, above the forearm amputations, below the forearm amputations and hand amputations. Exactly which aspect of the extremity is amputated depends on the type of injury and the safety of performing the amputation.

Major & Minor Amputation

There are major and minor amputations. In a minor amputation for example, a toe is removed due to gangrene or to a crush injury. Sometimes the forefoot is removed which is also defined as a minor amputation but this begins to impact the way the individual walks and devices might need to be worn to improve ambulation making the amputation more serious. In major amputations, parts of entire limbs are removed, from the lower leg to the upper leg or from the lower arm to the shoulder. These amputations have major impacts on the way a person goes about the activities of daily living. Walking is extremely difficult after a lower leg amputation and devices must be made (prosthetics) that help the individual walk without the aid of crutches or a walker.

Leg Amputation

There are two major types of leg amputations—above the knee or below the knee amputation. The above the knee amputation is more difficult due to the dynamics of not having a knee. Below the knee amputations are more ergonomically stable. Amputations can be divided into major amputations, such as large joints and bones, or minor amputations, such as a toe that became frostbitten. Most amputations are minor, fortunately and the person can walk normally. In minor amputations, the wound is not always closed completely and is left to heal in an open fashion. It takes 1-3 months to heal an open wound from an amputation but it generally looks good after that.

Compensation Awards

Stumps will need lifetime care and this is just one of the reasons why you need to find an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer with expertise in limb amputation compensation claims in order to maximize the damages award and to ensure that all potential future expenses are well covered. In addition something unexpected can come along at any time after the amputation that will require more surgery with more expenses and these potential eventualities need to be covered in the final court order for compensation.

People are affected by amputation in different ways. Some will be depressed and sustain bereavement over the loss of the limb. Others will move on with a prosthesis and a much better attitude. The psychological effects of a limb amputation must be considered as part of the final damages award.

Common items of loss in a catastrophic injury compensation claim include :-