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Motor Sport Accident Lawyer - Compensation

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Our personal injury lawyers in Canada offer expertise that is second to none. If one of our motor sport accident lawyers represents you in your personal injury compensation claim you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with in an efficient, business like manner. If you would like to talk to a motor sport accident lawyer about a personal injury claim, just make contact and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury compensation claims will give you advice at no cost on your motor sport injury with no further obligation.

Motor Sports for Fame & Fortune

While sports can be fun and exciting, they can also very dangerous. Many traumatic injuries can occur from sports. Canadian motor sports and car races can be one of the most dangerous sports in which to participate. The statistic for auto racing accidents is very high. The number of accidents can vary from very minor to very severe and traumatic. They can even end up being fatal. Having a good attorney to act on your behalf when you are severely injured in an auto racing accident is beneficial. They are able to fight for you and your family to get the necessary damages awarded.

Motorsport and auto racing accidents are some of the most frequent types of accidents when it comes to sports accidents and injuries. However, injuries related to sports, specifically winter sports are on the rise in Canada.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI), more than 5,600 Canadians are injured every year from winter sports alone.

Therefore, the statistical rate for motor sport related injuries can be almost as high. Sports such as snowmobiling are considered winter sports. Injuries from these types of sporting accidents can range anywhere from bruises and minor cuts and scrapes to concussions, broken bones, burns, paralysis, loss of limbs and death. While auto racing and winter sports athletes can take precautions with safety equipment and making sure to try and avoid any type of accidents, nothing can be totally prevented. High speeds and trying to pass other vehicles will almost always result in an accident at some time or another. However, the accidents may not be their fault at all.

Peter Ryan, an American born Canadian from Mont-Tremblant, Quebec won the first Canadian Grand Prix, but later died in Paris from injuries suffered in his final race, the Coupe Internationale des Juniors in Rheims, France.

Another foreign born Canadian whose parents moved to Canada from his birthplace in France when he was three, Bruno Spengler finished first in 2012 in the DTM, the German Touring Car Masters.

Alex “Tags” Tagliani was born in Montreal, Quebec and currently drives for Rocketsports Racing (RSR) and was the 2009 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year.

Jacques Villenueve, former renowned motor sports racer is another Quebecois and son of a race car driver, Gilles, who was killed in 1982 in a Formula 1 crash. He was also the nephew of another motor sports racing Villenueve with the same name. He was born in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. He was the first Canadian to win the Indianapolis 500 and at age 24, also the youngest to win the IndyCar championship.

Jason Priestly, one time actor and star of 90210, is another Canadian motor sports racer.

Those are just a few of the many Canadians that have enjoyed success in the motor racing sport, though some sadly met with unfortunate ends to their career.

Motor Sport Accident Lawyer

In the tragic event you or a loved one were injured or killed participating in any sport, you should visit a personal injury lawyer to discuss possible compensation for your injuries. They will know how to categorize the award amounts that coincide with each type of injury. They will be able to fight for you and your family no matter what type of injury you incur or how severe your accident was.

Contact our office to be put in touch with a motor sport accident lawyer who can provide you with the facts concerning your specific injury and the possibility of receiving restitution for your expenses, nursing care, whether in your home or an assisted living center, alterations to your home and/or vehicle to allow handicapped assisted devices, and pain and suffering.