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Wrongful Death Lawyers Compensation Claim

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Wrongful death lawyers can make compensation claims, following a fatal accident, on behalf of the survivors and beneficiaries of an individual who dies as a result of any wrongful act, neglect or default and legal action can be brought against the person or other party who was to blame for causing the accident.

Entitlement to make a claim is defined by law and will be dependent on the nature and degree of the relationship with the deceased. Wrongful death compensation can include loss of care, guidance and companionship, funeral and other expenses, loss of the services of the deceased and that portion of the deceased's contribution to the family earnings and pension. Compensation can be claimed by wrongful death lawyers for pain and suffering sustained as a result of the accident and all other losses prior to death however if death was instantaneous then pain and suffering damages will be minimal.

The actual calculation of settlements in wrongful death claims can be complex particularly if the deceased was self-employed, a director of an owner managed business or a member of the professions. Our lawyers have substantial experience in dealing with fatal accident claims and may use specialist forensic accountants to assist in bringing or defending a dependency claim.

Our wrongful death lawyers are very experienced in fatal injury compensation claims and we offer expertise that is second to none. Our lawyers deal exclusively in claims involving physical injury. If you would like to talk to an experienced advocate without obligation about wrongful death or a fatal injury or a fatal accident just call the helpline or email our offices or complete and send the contact form and a lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury claims will phone you with advice at no cost and information on how best to preserve your legal rights to compensation.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Negligence occurs when a person's acts or omissions cause another to suffer some loss or inconvenience and has been given numerous definitions one of the most often quoted of which is as follows :-

In order to take court action it is necessary for a wrongful death lawyer to show that the following elements existed:-

To put these issues in a nutshell, everyone has a duty of care to his or her legal neighbors who may be defined as anyone who is likely to be affected by any actions or omissions.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 855 804 7125