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Brain Injury Lawyer - Compensation Claim Law

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A traumatic brain injury lawyer needs to be familiar with the difficult and complex physical and emotional problems that are often associated with this injury. Ensuring that fair compensation is obtained in any personal injury claim requires a close working relationship between a team of specialist lawyers and medical experts who are leaders in their field. An expert brain injury lawyer is able to call upon the services of some of the most eminent medical consultants in the country which ensures the best attention and service together with fast resolution of traumatic brain injury (TBI) claims.

Categories of TBI

TBI is caused by trauma to the head, including the effects of the complications of injury, the main causes of which are motor vehicle accidents, falls and gunshot wounds. The injury is usually categorized as either a closed head injury often caused as a result of rapid change in velocity of the skull where there is no visible wound or an open head injury where the brain is exposed and damaged. There is a further rare category which results from a crush injury which often damages the base of the skull and nerves of the brain stem rather than the brain itself. This injury is often fatal and approximately 20% of TBI sufferers die as a result of the accident.

TBI Symptoms

This type of injury often goes undiagnosed by health care professionals at the time of the accident due to there being no obvious outward sign however common symptoms of TBI in adults include:

Brain Injury Lawyer

Our accident lawyers offer expertise that is second to none. All of our brain injury lawyers deal exclusively with claims involving physical trauma. If you have suffered injury and would like to talk to an experienced accident lawyer without obligation then just call the helpline or email our offices or complete and send the contact form and a brain injury lawyer who deals exclusively in accident claims will phone you with advice at no cost and information on how best to preserve your legal rights to compensation for your injuries.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 855 804 7125