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Air Sports Accident Lawyers - Canada Injury Claim

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Our air sports accident lawyers in Canada offer expertise that is second to none. If one of our air sports accident lawyers represents you in your personal injury compensation claim you may rest assured that your case will be dealt with in an efficient, business like manner. If you would like to talk to a specialized lawyer about an air sport accident, just make contact and an air sports accident lawyer who deals exclusively in personal injury compensation claims will give you advice at no cost on your potential claim with no further obligation.

Air Sports

Some say there is nothing that will get your heart pumping quicker than piloting your own airoplane at 20 – 30,000 feet, except when your engine stalls and you go into a vertical plummet from that altitude, which will really get your heart pumping.   

Participating in recreational sports helps fight depression and stress, and can provide an outlet for pent up aggression. Soaring high above the earth in your privately owned aircraft can be fun and exciting.        

Obviously not everyone can afford a 250,000 dollar Cessna and prices go up from there. But, more and more alternatives are hitting the market, from light planes to ultralights, gliders, paragliders, and even powered parachutes and balloons. Aviation enthusiasts are currently being inundated with less expensive options that will allow them to find their way up into the clouds, both locally and cross-country.

Although a lot of people believe flying is safer than driving, that is not true. Statistics show that for every million flying hours there are 16 fatalities compared to 1.7 fatalities in a car. The Canadian five-year average is 292 aviation accidents or roughly five accidents per 100,000 flying hours. And, it is much higher for privately-owned aircraft. Out of approximately 140 annual accidents, 95 were recreational aircraft, 40 helicopters, and 6 balloons, gliders, or gyrocopters. Of those 140 accidents, 19 resulted in fatalities. Overall, 56 percent of all aviation accidents involved recreational aircraft.

The fairly new entrant into aviation categories is the ultra-light aircraft, during the last ten years those were involved in 36 accidents with eight fatalities.

Most aviation accidents occur during take-off and landing in all types of aircraft, while nearly one-third of all accidents involve collisions with terrain. Some experts contend that a flight simulator program for your computer has more terrain awareness information for the operator than the FAA provides to the pilot of a quarter of a million dollar Cessna.

In the western provinces, paragliding has picked up steadily each of the last ten years. The majority of accidents involving paragliders are due to mistakes by enthusiasts unaware of terrain or poor weather conditions.

Canadian Safety Board Recommendations:

  Ø   Better training for inexperienced operators.

  Ø   Use of both lap and shoulder belts for pilots and co-pilots.

  Ø   Better terrain awareness and flight planning for all flights.

  Ø   Carrying an additional parachute, a fully charged cell phone, first-aid kit, and bottled water for emergencies.

85 percent of all aviation accidents are pilot/operator error, as compared to 15 percent machine malfunctions, hence the high recommendation for better training. 

Air Sports Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been involved in any type of aviation accident that resulted in significant injuries and hospitalization, permanent paralysis, or death we can help you get compensation from insurance companies or a negligent operator.

Our air sports accident lawyers are experienced at negotiating settlements with large insurance corporations and in court. Although only 10 percent of claims ever go to court, it’s best to retain a team of professionals that have knowledge of both, should a trial become necessary.

Some of the areas you may be entitled to recover compensation for are: long-term care for permanent paralysis; wheel-chairs, and renovations for home access for the same; lost income; pain and suffering; or funeral expenses. Make an appointment for a free consultation today. We will discuss the details of the incident and provide you with information pertaining to your claim, regarding compensation thresholds for pain and suffering, as well as non-threshold compensation. What to expect during the claim process and an estimate of your claims success.

Our air sports accident lawyers normally handle personal injury claims by claiming a percentage of compensation awaeded as the legal fee, so you won’t have to provide upfront fees or pay court costs, which will allow you to return to some financial normalcy.     

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